Iowa Caucuses App Reviews

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Rip off app

Forgets that I paid for a subscription and rarely gives me access to subscribed content. Steer clear of this app!

Did not work during the Iowa caucuses. Useless app

Did not work during the caucuses. Useless app

Epic Fail

Worst buck I ever spent. What a waste...lost a ton of respect for Des Moines Register tonight, and won't hesitate to tell everyone I know about it. Severely disappointed.


This entire app is behind a paywall. EVERYTHING.

Isn't working

Keeps sending me alerts that data is coming in, but page with results won't load.

Totally useless

Do not download unless you want to be ripped off and see only ads.

Pay to view

Not worth your time unless you want to pay. Boo

Not Working

Spent my dollar to get unfettered results. Nothing but a spinning circle. Yikes. Want my money back.


SUBSCRIPTION BASED! Really. The app only has value For one day.

App is not biased

Voting for sanders will guarantee another recession. He has no idea what he is saying.

No access

Paid for a month, and can't activate digital access through link in app, so can't log in....thanks, caucuses start in 5 minutes...I want a refund.

Not ready for prime time.

The app looks promising, but crashes within minutes of opening it. I'll give it two stars for trying.

Complete crap.

It had no problem charging me the money but it still says I don't have an account and none of the democratic polls are displaying. An app in true republican fashion, they take your money and you get nothing in return. 👎🏻

Live results bug

When I pull up the live results for the Iowa caucus, I can see the republican results. However, pressing the democrat button just pulls up a blank page

Bogus and Biased

This app is so obviously biased against Bernie Sanders that it's pathetic. There's not one single positive Bernie article or video to click on and when you take the "compare candidates" quiz and then click "scoreboard" for results, Bernie's name doesn't even show on the screen. Get it together. Play fair.

It forgot.

Paid my dollar and promptly forgot 2 days later I paid. Good programming Gannett.

App requires full Register subscription to view ANY content.

App looks to be simple & well designed, but non-Register subscribers, or anyone who doesn't want to pony up $10/month, have ZERO access to content. The app description says we need to pay for "FULL access." That is misleading. There is NO access without a subscription. Please be straightforward that downloading the app is useless without a steep monthly fee.

Great app

It worked great for all things Iowa.

Fast results


As good an app as you'll find

For covering the iowa caucuses.


This was my "go to" source for reliable and timely information. Very well executed.


Very nice. 😃

Good app!

Good updates!


Thank you for trying to keep up with campaigning loonatics! Great

Good stuff!

Timely and informative.

Results before tv news

I followed on cable and used app. App was faster reporting results.


Loved it. Up to date, brief, informative.

Crashed a lot

Annoying, But useful

Ok app

It has a hard time updating.

Ron Paul 2012

Pay attention to what Ron Paul says Then look up his history and u will see he is the only candidate that is honest

Excellent Resource

This enabled me to stay up to date with where the candidates where speaking and later, what they had said. I was able to attend some important moments in the Iowa campaigns because of this app/ information ! I look forward to 2012 !

Great App

I do not normally write reviews, but this app is fantastic!

Great site

I appreciate the timely information on all candidates. Very good site!!!


Very informative. See you next time.


Brilliant!! Wonderful App!!


Very Useful and much appreciated.


Great app to keep up with the caucus! Better than Politico and CNN!

Iowa Caucuses app

Nailed it; can't New Hampshire's papers do the same?

Good app


Great App

Great content. Easy to navigate. A home run for the Des Moines Register.


Greatly informative


I liked the updated info and messages. Very good product. Now do one for al the elections coming up


App was fine until caucus night when I wanted results and the app said "check back on caucus night". Apparently, the app didn't know the date of the caucus?

Iowa cacus

Awesome ap for a political junkie like myself. Hope that every primary state gets one online

Helpful info, although live results were lagging at times

Hopefully we will see something like this in the next election cycle


The results are final on TV. The app is waiting 700 precincts. I think it was a waste !

Doesn't Work

Downloaded the app and it didn't work. Delete. Download. Delete and every time it didn't work. I really wanted to use this app but it just hasn't been working. Please like if you have been having the same problem.

Stupid app, does not update

App didn't update for almost an hour. Just watch TV

Good app very informative

Using it now to keep track of results

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